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Connect with horses, nature and yourself in a magical place
Horse Experience Ibiza offers various types of unique and holistic experiences with horses at a wonderful and peaceful location, amidst a wild-romantic ambiance in the heart of a nature-protected area. In all our projects, the horse as a partner and unique being, as well as the connection to nature, take precedence.

In addition to horse riding experiences, communication with our horses is important to us. We are particularly drawn to concepts that emphasize working in agreement with the horse and preserving its free will. Furthermore, in collaboration with some very special "ladies," we have designed exciting concepts in the field of "self-discovery with horses" (reflection, constellation work, Reiki, and more).

We welcome people who are seeking profound and comprehensive horse experiences, those who desire a deeper understanding of the nature of horses, or individuals who wish to evolve, rediscover, and explore anew. Supported by our horses, whose empathy offers unbiased wisdom!

The art of living & horse wisdom – creative live concepts for unusual souls, inspiration & psychological guidance

individually designed workshops and retreats with various wonderful partners, crafted with lots of love and dedication

You work with the assistance of horses in the field therapy, healing or energy work,and you would like to host a workshop here with the support of our horses, write to us or call us for a possible cooperation

Unique rides in the wild, wonderful North of the island on happy, healthy horses!

Hope 4 Horses
Human beings helping horses - rehabilitation of emotionally traumatized horses - coming soon

We are always very thankful, to receive donations for our retired horses and for Duque´s and Moll´s cat colony!

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